Self- Awareness Workshop
Self - awareness is the way we come to know our inner self that helps us have a functional and qualitative relation with our self and also have authentic and constructive relations with other people. The prerequisite is to dive in the depth of our being, where we have stored the memories of our childhood. All the experiences of that age have created our restrictive beliefs. For example, if my mother has been a nursing person in my childhood, when I grow up I will attract situations and people that will be nourishing me. While if during the first years of my life I was given the information that my beloved ones are involved with me only when I am ill, the impression I have created will be repeated. Both the positive and the negative impressions, under certain circumstances, may be restrictive.

The Self-Awareness Workshop group meets once a month for four hours.

In Self-Awareness Workshops we diagnose the basic characteristics of our personality: the impressions we have about life, about the other people, about ourselves, about our thoughts and feelings with our principles and behaviors, our preferences and fears. Because a big part of our behaviors stems from the subconscious, with the diagnosis of the Private Logic and the Existential Fear (that is, the fear of losing the Love of a significant person in our life) we carry forward as much as possible information from the subconscious to the conscious level and in this way we control our characteristics instead of allowing them to control us, as it usually happens in our everyday life. We observe all together that unconditional love is necessary nourishment and that its presence or absence has created what we are today.

At the end of the ten meetings a Certificate of Attendance may be given, if needed. All participants may contact the facilitators once a week by phone, for 15 min. To ask or clarify anything that has to do with the discussions in the previous group.

Co-ordinators: Julie Doufeka, Sofia Foteina-Chatzikokoli
Meetings: one Sunday per month 17:00-21:00, on the following dates: 17/9/2017, 22/10, 19/11, 17/12, 21/1/18, 17+ 18/3, 22/4, 6/5, 10/6

Suggested Donation: 50 euro per month.
For further information and to subscribe, call 2108670424-6937122768. Limited number of participants.

Self-Realization Workshop (with experiences, Role Playing and Psychodram)
This workshop is suitable for those who have already diagnosed their Private Logic and Existential Fear. We verify the mapping of our obsessive characteristics of our personality in all the expressions of life (job, friendship, romantic relations, family and society) in a way that we become conscious of them and they do not control our life. We correlate our characteristics with our up to date reality in such a way, that we are automatically conscious of our characteristics. Café Ecole offers the appropriate conditions so that we realize our changes in a safe environment full of acceptance and unconditional love, before we put it in practice in our everyday life. This is possible to happen in small groups that meet regularly once a week. In that way we release our fears and regain our liberation; our willful submission to the universal laws. In that way we obtain our self-realization, we return to the Self and become what we really are. At the end of the ten meetings a Certificate of Attendance is given, if needed.

Co-ordination: Panagiotis Foteinas Voinas, Sofia Foteina Chatzikokoli
Meetings every Tuesday: 18:00 - 20:30 starting 3/10/2017

Suggested Donation: 90 euro per month.

For those who love meditation
On the Full Moon days (see below), you are invited to sit in meditation from 22:00-23:00 in our premises or wherever you are, in your home or with friends. Total beginners and longtime practitioners, non-initiates and initiates are welcome. If you cannot sit for the entire hour, sit as long as you are able; as Swami Veda has said, "Let the quietness of the mind continue even after you rise..."

Swami Veda Bharati has written:

Yoga Philosophy views the mind as Universal field; its waves passing through us and becoming our individual minds. This Universal mind is a radiant force and is also known as a Universal Guru within.

When all sit together at the same time even in different parts of the world, they connect to the Universal Guru mind and generate a strong field, like so many magnets being joined together and forming a much stronger magnet; the strength of each then equals the combined strength of all.

Thus it is when we join together in meditation, and together enter the Guru-mind's Field. On certain days of the year the Wave of Beauty and the Wave of Bliss flows very strong. These are the sacred days.

Swami Ritavan Bharati has said: "The full moon meditations are an opportunity for us to come together in connecting with the universal mind-field bringing unity, harmony, peace and love. Go into your silence; exhale-release, inhale-accept, forgive & fulfill, with purified heart and mind receive the blessings of the Lineage."

For more information:

At 20:00 we will read inspiring texts by Swami Rama, Swami Veda Bharati and Constantin Foteinas, discussion will follow. We conclude the meeting with meditation from 22:00 to 23:00, under the blessings of the lineage and after the invitation of Swami Ritavan. It is a powerful universal meditation that unites many decades of thousand people who invoke peace for the whole world. If we know of your interest we will send a reminder.
If you cannot come to our center, you can meditate at the same time at your home. In that case, if you need it, we can inform you about your posture, relaxation and breathing.

Co-ordination: Sofia Foteina - Chatzikokoli
Meetings on 6/9/2017, 5/10, 4/11, 3/12, 2/1/2018, 31/1, 1/3, 31/3, 29/4, 29/5, 28/6, 27/7, 26/8/2018
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