Café Ecole- Himalayan Yoga: at "The School of Nature" Thessaloniki, Trilofos
September 8-10, October 13-16,
November 10-13, December 8-11,
January 12-15, February 1-4,
March 23-26, April 13-16,
May 11-14, June 1-4
New Self-Awareness Workshop for Parents
In this workshop we explore the characteristics of our personality (psycho-mental level) and find out which one helps us and which disturbs our relations.
From "Constantin Fotinas-Café Ecole" method we use the "Private Logic" and the "Existential Fear" to explore our characteristics through memories of our childhood.
The atmosphere created in the group is full of acceptance and love in order to help us unfold all our unique characteristics. We realize all together that unconditional love is a necessary nutrition and that its presence or absence has made us what we are today.

Meetings: Friday morning 11:00-13:30 or Saturday morning 10:00- 12:30
Co-ordination: Sofia Foteina - Chatzikokoli

Suggested Donation: 35 euro

Self-realization Workshop for parents
This workshop is suitable for those who have already diagnosed their Private Logic and Existential Fear.
We verify the mapping of the (obsessive) characteristics of our personality in all the expressions of life (job, friendship, romantic relations, family, society) in a way that we become conscious of them and they do not control our life.
We correlate our characteristics with our contemporary reality in such a way, that we are automatically conscious of our characteristics. Café Ecole offers the appropriate conditions so that we realize our changes in a safe environment full of acceptance and unconditional love, before we put it in practice in our everyday life.
This is possible to happen in small groups that meet regularly. In that way we release our fears and regain our liberation; our willful submission to the universal laws.
In that way we obtain our self-realization, we return to the Self and become what we really are. At the end of the ten meetings a Certificate of Attendance is given, if needed.

Meetings: Saturday evening 17:30-20:00
Co-ordination: Sofia Foteina - Chatzikokoli

Suggested Donation: 35 euro

With subjects for discussion that interest parents and help them with the peaceful growth of their children and with family relations.
These seminars may be followed by "the old student-parents" as well as new comers.
The subjects will be announced after the first meeting in September.

Meetings: Sunday morning 10:00-12:00 all parents, 12:00-14:00 the old student – parents continue.
Co-ordination: Sofia Foteina - Chatzikokoli

Suggested Donation: 10 and 30 euro respectively

Training in the Method of Café Ecole
Parents who are interested may, after their personal exploration, be trained in the "Constantin Foteinas-Café Ecole Method". The training has already started.

Meetings: Sunday evening 17:30-20:00
Co-ordination: Sofia Foteina - Chatzikokoli

Suggested Donation: 120 euro each unit of 12 hours

Yoga for Children
It concerns the two groups of kindergarten children

Meetings: Monday morning 11:00-13:00
Co-ordination: Sofia Foteina-Chatzikokoli

# For all Workshops or Seminars, we meet once every month, the same day and time. If you need babysitting for the hours that the school is not functioning please contact Sofia (6937122768) and she will arrange it with the kindergarten faculty.

# If you need a personal meeting, please contact Sofia (6927122768)