"Café Ecole" is based on a number of Principles:

1 - EQUALITY. In our groups there is no hierarchical distinction between specialists and clients. We believe that each person knows best who he is and what he wishes to change, in order to live well in accordance with his needs. No one can tell us what to do.

2 - UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE of self and the others. Which means that even though we consider that some of our behaviours or ideas ought to be changed to allow us to enjoy life more fully, we accept our characteristics and learn to live in accordance with them. It also means that although we find certain persons incompatible and we cannot or wish not share their ideas or way of life, we do not think that we are better as persons.

3 - We also believe that MAN IS GOOD and has one basic need: to belong to his group and know that he is useful to the wellbeing of his fellows.

4 - Finally, we believe that LIFE IS A GIFT offered by the Universe and its Creator. Therefore, we have no right to abuse it. It is our duty to contribute as much as possible to the preservation of universal harmony and wherever this harmony is disturbed, to do our best for its re-establishment.