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Café-Ecole Publications belong to the non-profit organism "Café Ecole – Himalayan Yoga Meditation of Hellas"

Publications started in 1981 with books by Constantin and Maria Foteina and until today we have published more than 30 books, three of them, books by Swami Veda Bharati.

You can find our books at 12, Thessalonikis str., Chalandri 15234, Athens, Greece

Following bellow are Swami Veda Bharati’s books.

Books by Constantin Foteinas
The Education of Depth
(25 x 30)
An illustrated edition for collectors
168 pages - Selling price 20€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-17-8
It is a poetic, philosophical text in which the author searches the nature of education itself. It interests all of us, as we all "educate" some people: parents their children, teachers their pupils, executives their employees, officers their soldiers and so on.
The Education of Depth and comments by an anonymous writer
(volume A') - (17.5 x 24.5)
254 pages - Selling price 10€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-01-1
In this book, each of the first 33 chapters of "The Education of Depth", has been commented and analyzed in a simple, ordinary way. It refers to precise acts that create problems in our society and especially to those acts that resolve them.
Odysseus never traveled
(14 x 20.5)
512 pages - Selling price 16€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-10-0
A didactic epic in which the writer's poetic speech reveals the man of the future, through the teaching of a Sage, called Odysseus. A man and a complete, calm, serene world, internally peaceful, the way Constantin Foteinas has visualized it since he was a child.
The non-violent revolution in education. The Café Ecole of the neighborhood.Chat of an old professor with his grandson.
(14 x 21)
370 pages - Selling price 17€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-13-5
(It is also published in French by "les éditions écosociété" under the title "Bavardages d'un vieux prof avec son petit-fils. Une révolution non-violente en éducation"). I.S.B.N 2-921561-42-5.

In this book, Constantin Foteinas unfolds before our eyes the experience of a 35 year life in higher education. It is a pioneer book in which the latest findings of science such as quantum physics, trans-personal psychology and molecular biology, coexist, in perfect harmony, with humorous stories and memories of Constantin Foteinas from his personal and professional life. And, foremost, this book is overflowing with love for man and with optimism for the future of mankind.
Delirium at the human limits
written by the hand of Constantin Foteinas
(19 x 22)
128 pages - Selling price 15€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-20-8
When man lives in the world of matter, in space, time and opposition, he eventually looses his place of origin, the spiritual level, from where he has emerged. Being restrained by matter, he knows that, however hard he tries, it is impossible for him to reach the spirit. Yet, full of love for the spirit, he continues to try. Until he reaches his unsurmountable limits - the limits of matter - and then, he falls into a delirium full of despair.
Koans and Sayings by Constantin Foteinas
(19 x 22)
140 pages - Selling price 20€
I.S.B.N 978-960-7388-35-3
These Koans (paradoxical phrases that block temporarily the logic so that the Wisdom of Depths emerges) and Sayings of Constantin Foteinas that we collected for this publication, emerged from his depths, when he was nurishing all of us with milk and honey as his children.
Series: Metaphysical Development of Man
It is a three volume collection of speeches, interviews, letters and seminars given by Constantin Foteinas from 1979 to 1992 in Greece. They are addressed to the public, as well as to trainees, collaborators of the café école laboratory in Greece.

The texts are referring to some experiments performed by sciences which verify traditions of peoples such as the Eskimos and the Indians of America, the Asians and the Africans.

The text is serious and at the same time easy to read and understand. It uses scientific language as well as the symbolic language of myths, so much so, that it is complete, pleasant, deep and unexpectedly simple.

Metaphysical Development of Man Science and Tradition (volume A')
(edition B') - (17 x 24)
260 pages - Selling price 12€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-09-7
Metaphysical Development of Man Science and Tradition (volume B')
(17 x 24)
288 pages - Selling price 12€
I.S.B.N set 960-7151-03-8 Τ.Α' 960-7151-04-06
Metaphysical Development of Man Science and Tradition (volume C')
(17 x 24)
262 pages - Selling price 12€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-12-7
Series : The Revolution of Love
From darkness to light (second edition)
(11 x 17)
141 pages - Selling price 9€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-15-1
When we have order in our body, peace in our soul and silence in our mind, we attempt to get in touch with the spirit in us. The spirit that is an integral part of the spirit that resides and rules the whole of the Universe and which can lead us to conceive some great truths and feel that we are nearing, even for just a split of a second, our Creator.
Stories for grown ups
(11 x 17)
40 pages - Selling price 3€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-16-Χ
Another two stories by Constantin Foteinas, extracts from his book "The non-violent revolution in education". Two profoundly metaphysical and, at the same time, absolutely coherent poems which touch "children" of all ages with their simplicity and the profound truths that they contain.
(Erotas) Love, the peak encounter of Man. (second edition)
(11 x 17)
96 pages - Selling price 6€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-14-3
Man's peak encounters are three, the encounter with our self, the encounter with the other human being and the encounter with God. If we have not experienced these three encounters, we do not reach fulfilment. And when we have experienced them we are free. This is the definition of a free man.
Stories for scared "adult children"
(11 x 17)
80 pages - Selling price 6 €
I.S.B.N 960-7388-22-4
Constantin Foteinas loved to tell stories. He used them to illustrate in a light way the most complicated and profound truths. The fear that holds us back from finding a solution to our problems, the antagonism between male and female and its possible solution, the difficulty of choosing independently our own path and the quest for joy are some of the subjects that preoccupy him in this story collection. Their message comes from a person who cares about "scared adult children" and loves them. It is a breeze of optimism.
Power - Weakness
(12 χ 17)
120 pages - Selling price 9 €
I.S.B.N 978-960-7388-28-5
The Universe, within the plan it has set up for itself, and, within which it evolves, has a certain design and a certain trend.
It goes towards somewhere but we do not know whereto, and we, the only thing that we have to know is to have confidence in it, as we are part of it, and rather go with it and not against it, as only within it do we exist.
Series : Stories for those who remain children
The passions of a rooster (story) (second edition)
(21 x 21)
48 pages - Selling price 5€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-04-6
A winner, is he who avoids being hit, when he has to fight. But he himself, will not strike, as he does not need to prove his strength. Simply, he is aware of it.
The fence (story)
(21 x 21)
12 pages - Selling price 5€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-06-2
It concerns the way we face the difficulties of life, if they do exist. How to be able, whenever we are in front of a "fence", to search around and discover the paths that can lead us faster to the other side.
Simply and quietly (narrative poem)
(21 x 21)
16 pages - Selling price 5€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-07-0
The blessings of a father that accompany a child during the whole of his life. "May you be blessed to accomplish all the things that you have undertaken in life and in the world. May you accomplish your mission simply and quietly". (Extract)
The adolescent in love (story) (Third edition)
(21 x 21)
Σελίδες 8 pages - Selling price 5€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-08-9
An adolescent in love, who has faith and courage, who is not seeking for honors and glories, who does not want to suffer and to sacrifice himself, because he is really in love.
BOOKS BY MARIA FOTEINA (published in Greek)
Monster parents (edition B')
(13 x 20.5)
200 pages - Selling price 6€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-08-9
Monster teachers
(13 x 20.5)
193 pages - Selling price 6€
If we were hurt by our parents when we were children, if we have hurt our children when we were parents...
...and if this pain was reminded to us by our teachers, we have always the possibility and the right to get rid of whatever hurt us and improve the quality of our life.
Monster Lovers
(14 x 21)
164 pages - Selling price 12 €
Ι.S.B.N. 960-7388-26-7
The stories of the couples I chose as an example for what I call "monster lovers", are not horrid cases that imply the presence of a severe psychological malfunction, but mainly cases of people who , with certain "sacrifices" manage to coexist , but without the plenitude, the deep peace and the creativity of "natural" love. And I call them "monsters" because there is something missing or something exceeding in their love.
Egypt my love, Koulou alala
(14 x 21)
255 pages - Selling price 10€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-11-9
A woman and a country. The country is Egypt, where Maria Foteinas, professor of literature, psychologist and orthopedagog, was born and spent the first years of her life. The writer narrates her life, along with the historical events that took place in the country she was born in. It is a journey to deliberation, through oppression and the procedure of catharsis.
The sun rises every day
(17 x 22)
224 pages - Selling price 13€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-23-2
At a time of total uncertainty throughout the universe with the post war wounds still unhealed, through the pains of childhood years, Maria Foteinas set off to find herself, to become autonomous. On that uncertain journey she was guided by her obstinacy and supported by her father’s love and trust.
I, once, was a teacher. Ha! Ha!
(14 x21)
168 pages - Selling price 14€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-25-9
A good teacher loves all of his (or her) pupils and believes that they are all good. Therefore, he co-operates with them, learns with them, he plays, feels joy, feels sorrow, empathizes with them and together they experience the wonderful adventure of Education .
Constantin Foteinas- Café Ecole The enchantment of psychotherapy
(14 x21)
130 pages - Selling price 12€
I.S.B.N. 978-960-7388-30-8
In her book Maria Fotinou presents the detailed method of psychotherapy of Constantin Foteinas as applied at Café-Ecole.
The basic principle of the method is the belief that the client knows more about himself than the therapist does.
Therefore, the role of the therapist is to help the client solve any problems he wishes in a manner that he chooses to, so that he can lead a better life based on his own judgment.
Maria Fotinou’s book is easy to read, pleasant and full of examples. As is usually the habit of the writer as well as that of Constantin Foteinas the book is also full of humor.
BOOKS BY OUR COLLEAGUES (published in Greek)
Proeortia (Before the feasts). A circle of 20 satiric songs accompanied by notes
(17 x 24)
48 pages
Written by Petros Desalermos - Selling price 5€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-05-4
Twenty ways to avoid a bad relationship.
The humorous aspects of life
(12 x 17)
200 pages
Written by Petros Desalermos - Selling price 12€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-24-0
Our life... a fairy tale
(11 x 17)
Written by Sofia (Foteina) Chadjicocoli
63 pages - Selling price 5 €
I.S.B.N 960-7388-19-4
Once upon a time the kings that ruled the countries were very wise themselves. In later years, kings used to have a sage in their court to consult them. Nowadays, those who rule are neither wise themselves, nor do they consult sages. This fairy tale relates about a place where kings were so wise, that they did not need to rule at all. It was enough that they existed.
And I asked the master...
(11 x 17)
Written by Chrysanthi Foteina - Kisatzekian
95 pages - Selling price 6€
I.S.B.N 960-7388-18-6
When we are open and acceptant, our conscience widens. And this is when we see, hear, feel things that we never imagined they existed. Still, we need humbleness, faith and love. And most of all, we need a spiritual Master. Our Master, with the help of his own life's example and his faith in man and God, opens our communication with God and prepares us, to be able to recognize the path - our own path. The path that does not deprive us of the joy of earthly life, but enriches it with our faith and our love for our fellowmen and for God.
Fagalah, the house of love Lies and truth are all fairytales
(15,5 x 21)
Written by Chrysanthi Foteina - Kisatzekian
368 pages - Selling price 15€
I.S.B.N. 978-960-7388-29-2
The country is Egypt, the city is Cairo, the neighborhood Faggalah and the period just prior to World War Two.
It is the account of a family which, in spite of the adverse happenings of the time, dared to set up a home with the aim “not to accumulate material wealth” because of the eminent upheaval of a world war but "to share love between themselves and those around them".
This book sketches the personality of Christodoulos Foteinas and his wife Evdokia as well as their two children, their son Constantinos (later the well known great Master Constantin Foteinas) and their daughter Chrysanthi. It teaches us with a smile and a hand on our heart that happiness is not given as a gift and does not depend on our social surroundings but is won by ourselves, by the life we lead and especially by our contact with other people.

Books by Swami Veda Bharati
"The Night Birds" (translated in Greek)
(14 x 21)
Selling Price 18€
I.S.B.N 978-960-7388-33-9
The birds that fly in the night can see through the dark. Such is the nature of the inspirations that appear by the night. May the night birds fly through your mind also and wake you up from sleep each night to the display of the treasures of the Himalayan wisdom. May your deeper mind never sleep again.
Kundalini, Stilled or Stirred (translated in Greek)
(14 x 21)
Selling Price 15€
I.S.B.N 978-960-7388-34-6
While portraying kundalini from its psycho-physical and spiritual implications and impacts, the author tries to alleviate some misconceptions about the nature of cakras- the consciousness centers- about the meaning of "raising the kundalini" and "opening the cakras", helping one drop all mental habit patterns to achieve "liberation".
Sadhana in Applied Spirituality (NEW PUBLICATION)
(14 x 21)
140 Pages - Selling Price 13€
I.S.B.N 978-960-7388-36-0
Translated by Chryssanthi Foteina-Kissadjekian and Sofia Foteina-Chatzikokoli
This short and humbly powerful book will bring order into our lives. It offers a rich source of knowledge about life and its purpose- “who am I and why I am here?” It is balanced and focused and seems to be the veteran Swamiji’s lasting gift and legacy where he has distilled his personal spiritual experience into words. The remarkable manual should make many a life more sublime.